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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Gold in Weapons!
When Mariah's name was called to perform her weapons the crowd erupted and people rushed the stage with anticipation. Word has gotten round about the "Eskrimadora" from America. As she was performing, the crowd was taken with her skill and dedication to this ancient sport and her US Team cheered her on. When she finished, the crowd erupted showing their overwheliming approval. She was the undisputed Gold Medalist.
The icing on the cake: following her weapons performance, tournament directors approached Mariah to congratulate and commend her and to say that they are going to create a "Grand Champion" Division for first place competitors in all divsions because skill like hers should not go "unrewarded and unchallenged." People from countries all around the world approached Mariah for autographs and photos with her. She is so very pleased, and so very tired. 8am -8pm at the tournament venue. Needs much sleep.

Silver in Single Stick Fighting!
A very close battle for Silver and Gold! In the end, edged out by her American teammate Erin Michaelis from Colorado. The Good news, no blood or broken bones this time!

Mariah asked that I tell you she did her very best to make everyone here at home proud and is ready to give the fight of her life on Friday!

On Friday, she will battle in Double Stick.
Some of the Countries participating at the 10th World Championships: Korea, India, Italy, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, France and More! See the You Tube promo:

Other U.S. Standings: Steve VanHarn-Silver in Forms.
Cole VanHarn-Silver in Single Stick
Wendy Wigger Jornales- Silver in Forms
Matthew Quintero- Gold in Forms.


Grandpa said...

We are so proud of you, Mariah!
Grandpa & Grandma Moore

Jay said...

Excellent job, Mariah!

charles said...

Congratulations Mariah!! We're definitely proud of you, Eskrimadora!


Merchant said...

HOOYAA!!! Outstanding! We in Va. Knew you would be great! Love Cuz!

Skater mark said...

hi mariah skater mark here..
hope you still remember me..
see you again..i kind of like to be your friend...

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