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Thursday, September 24, 2009


My sponsors have come through for me big, AGAIN!

A great big thank you to Lawrence Heibel Photography for providing all of the beautiful and amazing photographs for the calendar.

Another great big thank you to KWON Martial Arts Supply for providing most of the clothing, equipent, and gear I use every day!


Last but definitely not least, NWC PRINT for doing all the artwork, layout, and printing! What an amazing job! Special thanks to Lance Crawford and Aunt Bev Merchant. YOU ROCK! I know you worked hard to get these out in record time for me.

CALENDARS AVAILABLE NOW. THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION AND SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED. 20.00 FREE SHIPPING! All funds will be used to cover the training, travel, and expenses associated with the 2010 World Championships where I will defend my titles in Full Contact Double Stick Fighting and in Traditional Multiple Weapons. Thanks for your support!

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NWC Print Livonia Michigan - American Red Cross BLOOD DRIVE! Volunteer! It's a great thing!

What a great day! I spent today with NWC PRINT employees and clients who were holding a very important event- A BLOOD DRIVE with the Amercian Red Cross. We took some fun photos, had a meet and greet, and I performed for everyone. The Red Cross collected the blood, and where there was resistance, I gave them a helping hand! LOL Check out these fun pictures! I had a great time and met some good people. Look forward to the next one!

OF SPECIAL NOTE: I look forward to a great new relationship with the American Red Cross! Today I met Trudy Smith who organized and supervised the big event. As it turns out, The American Red Cross is having a big dedication in Westland this Saturday September the 26th! I am honored to have been invited to make an appearance and do a performance when one of the major car dealerships donates several cars to the Red Cross!

Me with Mark(aka Buddah) Mendoza who planned the event for NWC PRINT

Unsuspecting Victim!

Me with Co-owner Beverly Merchant

Me with Owner and President David Merchant

Me with Aaron, a client of NWC and Blood Donor

Performing with the Talibong(swords on ropes)

Performing with the Hook Sword and Dagger on rope

Trudy Smith (Regional Red Cross Representative) and I

Jamie Merchant and I

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WELCOME WOODS! Halloween in September!

Me with The SToRyTeLlEr! Jeff Veley!

Singing Autographs

New Friends!

Welcome Woods Owner- Chuck with Me-

On Labor Day weekend every year, WELCOME WOODS CAMPGROUND in Hastings Michigan celebrates Halloween in July. My Gram Rose and Papa Larry spend most of their summer out there and this is the second year now that they asked me to come out and celebrate with them. I've made some good friends out there and look forward to this event. It's always so much fun and everybody is so friendly and nice. We had a great time and also had a very special guest this year. My storyteller and Emcee, Jeff Veley. He told the amazing tale of the "Beast in the Fields of the Philippines" and the female child of a Grand Master who was born to battle "The Beast". Of course, "SHE" was ME! What a great introduction. Jeff, when I make my big break, I'm takin' you with me! Anyway, the beast was slain with fire and we all lived to tell about it! Chuck, Rose, Larry, PJ, Mom, Dad, and everyone who donated and bought shirts and cards to help me fund my trip to the 2010 World Championships, Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! I raised enough at WELCOME WOODS to pay for my USA uniform for the world championships where I'll defend my titles in July in MEXICO!

Fieldstock! Always a fun time!

In northern Michigan, specifically Onaway, Labor Day means FIELDSTOCK! A great big ole' party in a field in the middle of no-where that goes on for about 3 days straight. I was so happy to be a part of it all again this year! I got to see lots of family and friends and a fun time was had by all! Bands come from all around and everyone is welcome and nobody pays a dime to get in. IT's a FREE FOR ALL! I got to perform a couple times, signed some autographs, hung out and even played with fire-literally! HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN NEXT YEAR!

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North American International Karate Championships, Detroit Michigan Competition for Grand Champion

Kent County Youth Fair Talent Show 1st Place Performance - Mariah and Noel Loveless "Boom Boom POW!"

Detroit D'Lux Charity Challenge Martial Arts Tournament