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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Great Knife Auction

Now you can own the Eskrimadora (The knife, not the girl)

Here is a very good way for people to support Mariah's attendance of the WEKAF World Championships this year in Cebu, Philippines, where she will defend her titles for the American team (and perhaps pick up some more).

We are auctioning off a very fine hand forged, custom made knife from Tribal Edge Knifeworks aptly named The Ekrimadora in Mariah's honor, and made expressly for this purpose.

The blade was hand forged by Ian Robbins from W2 high carbon Tool Steel. It was clay heat treated (like a Japanese Katana) to create a differential temper with a visible hamon line in what we call the Great Lakes Cloud pattern. This gives the knife a soft back, a springy middle and a very hard edge.

After the tempering process, the blade was turned over to Chuck Pippin who hand finished and etched the blade to bring out its full beauty. Chuck gave the blade a matte finish which shows the blade off to its best advantage. Chuck then fit the full profile handle with Amboyna Burl slabs, which comes from the Pterocarpus indicus tree and is one of the most striking of the exotic hardwoods.The slabs are fixed to the handle with three Mosaic pins which were hand made by Ian Robbins. The wood is finished with many coats of a special oil to stabilize it and protect it from moisture.

The blade is hand sharpened to a razor edge.

To finish off and complement the knife a custom sheath was crafted by Chuck, who is our master scabbard maker.
The Sheath was first form fitted with oak tanned leather which was then hardened to the blade. Chuck added 2 heavy-duty Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets, implanted between two layers of leather to protect the blade, to provide positive retention without a retaining strap. The sheath was then dyed and given several coats of Carnauba wax as a moisture protectant.

 When the knife and sheath were finished they were signed (and the signatures etched into the blade) By Mariah, Chuck and Ian.

This is one of the finest knives our smithy has turned out to date and its retail value is $1200.00

This knife is being offered in a silent auction with a starting bid of a mere $200.00. The auction will be open for fourteen days, with the high bid posted daily.

To bid on the knife send an email to stickgirrl(at)gmail(dot)com
Please include your name, address and a phone number with your bid. each bid will be verified.

Here are pictures of the knife for your enjoyment. (click on them for full size)


Hawke said...

Hey Mariah,

That's one sweet looking knife. If you want I can post a link to this auction over at and to give this auction more exposure.

Let me know if it's okay to spread the word on this auction.

Sean said...

best of luck with the effort. You should consider using paypal so your readers can make a donation in addition to the knife auction.

is an example (local to me) for some guys who did this

sending my bid in now...

Eskrimadora said...


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