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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thunder Bay Martial Arts April 17th

Northern Michigan never disappoints! Since I was just a little kid I've visited, spent vacations, holidays, and summers in northern Michigan. My mother grew up in Onaway and she's always made sure I was in touch with my roots.

This past weekend I was given the great honor of performing, speaking, and doing a seminar for Alpena's Thunder Bay Martial Arts. They have several school outlets across northeastern Michigan and Saturday those schools met in Hillman Michigan for the Thunder Bay Martial Arts Tournament.

Several months ago I received an email from Sensei Dan Schackmann and Mrs. Schackmann inviting me to come and share my love for the arts with everyone. Of course, you know what my answer was! I couldn't wait to get back up north. I am always excited and grateful to be able to reach out to other young people in hopes of inspiring them to believe in themselves and do great things. I hope that they will see themselves in me and know that I'm not special or gifted. I'm a regular kid from a small town. I'm one of them and I'm proof that with hard work, motivation, and determination, dreams do come true.

It was such an honor to be able to meet and speak to all those kids who have worked so hard and share my passion for the arts. I saw amazing families supporting their kids and grand kids and giving them hugs and praise and support, win or lose all of which are priceless and I say that from experience. I saw parents and students who truly understand that winning isn't everything. Loving what you do, and doing what you love is! I even got to hang out with some of my favorite fans! Zack and Raena!

Mr. Schackmann opened the tournament by saying only "WATCH THIS." That was my cue! My first performance was to Evanessence ~ Bring me to life. Fun! Not too wild, a nice ice breaker to get everyone pumped up and ready to compete. I spent the day meeting lots of fun people, taking pictures and signing autographs. At noon I got to rock the house to Motley Crue! This one was fast paced and lots of fun. Got to swing my swords, break some boards, and even broke out my sticks! Later on we went back to the dojo and spent a couple hours doing basic Eskrima stick drills, teaching some terminology, and fundamentals of Filipino martial arts. It was a great seminar. I truly enjoyed myself and the opportunity to share just a little of the art that I have come to love so very much. I thank my Grand Master Bong Jornales for sharing his skills, wisdom, and love for the art with me. I am grateful and honored to give others just a peek at what I have been so blessed to have been given. I look forward to a return visit and seeing everyone again! Thanks for a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 W.E.K.A.F, U.S National Championships and USA Team Trials~


Forms Competition-Tabak Patalim

My Dad in Black

Jornales System

Exciting news!!
Last week I was in Fremont California; And not just for fun and games. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I competed at the 2010 WEKAF U.S National Championships and team trials.
there were over 100 competitors from five regions across the United States. Here, the best fighters in the country meet to face off for precious seats on the U.S National Team that will compete against countries from all over the world in Mexico at the WEKAF 11th World Championships in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in July.

Want to guess how I did? Well, Friday was the day for forms competition and I competed with the Tabak Petalim, or hook sword and dagger. I won my first gold of the tournament and successfully defended my U.S. National title in traditional multiple weapons! Later that day was the team form competition. I am very pleased to say that, with the help of our secret weapon (a.k.a Master Bong), we won first place! It was awesome considering the fact that we put together our team form just 2 weeks before the tournament. Video is up on YOU TUBE of the Team form under Jornales System.

Saturday and Sunday were the stick fighting competition days. I ended up fighting in single stick on Saturday and fought a girl from Denver in the 16-17 heavyweight division. I ended up getting 2nd place. Also that day I did an exhibition fight with Natalie from MD, which was a lot of fun. Then, last but definitely not least, I fought in my favorite division in the whole tournament, Double Stick!! I was in the 12-17 middle weight division and fought the same girl from denver...and won!! The whole place shut down- all the other rings stopped and everyone told me that there wasn't anyone in the room that was not watching the fight. It was very intense and fast and I believe I won due to speed and footwork. I have never beaten Erin in Single Stick fighting and she has never beaten me in Double Stick-yet we continue to try! She's definitely my best competition. (Gabe Rafael told me he recalled the hotel staff walking in during my fight and asking what was going on and when he told them it was the girls fight they were flabbergasted!)
So in total I brought home 3 golds and 1 silver.

Now for the twist! My dad has been to every single class that I have ever taken. He takes me to all the seminars, tournaments, and all of my training. A couple years ago Master Bong and I started encouraging him to train. Two years ago, he picked up a pair of sticks and the rest is history. I know, it's supposed to be the other way around where I learn from him because he's the parent. In this case, he's learned from me and guess what! He entered the regional competition in Milwaukee back in October and earned the right to compete at nationals. In his first ever national tournament and only the 3rd tournament he'd ever competed in, MY DAD MADE THE US NATIONAL TEAM! He took 1st in his weapons competition, 2nd in Single Stick Fighting, and 3rd in Double Stick Fighting. "I taught him everything he knows!" hahahahah I'm just kidding. Master Bong gets ALL the credit there! Congrats to my dad! I'm so very proud of you!

Finally, it is my honor to Thank Grand Master Bong Jornlaes for sharing his love for the Philippine Martial Arts with me and for coaching me and teaching me everything I needed to win. Without him I could not have done so well, and I surely would not have accomplished what I have today. Master Bong, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Tournaments like this one are always a great reason for a little time off and FUN FUN FUN! While we were in California we did A LOT of sightseeing on the days off of competition. I got to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Sea lions, Fisherman's Warf, and...CHINA TOWN :) I was really looking forward to swimming and laying on the beach but it was a bit too cold-even in California! But all in all I had an amazing fun time.

Once again, I would like to thank you all for supporting me, believing in me, and reading my updates! All of your support and encouragement truly means the world to me!


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