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Monday, August 16, 2010

Everybody's Got Talent!

Everybody's Got Talent @ Kellogg Auditorium - (Aug. 13th)

Just a few days before the event, I was contacted to see if I would be the special guest performer for this event. Not knowing what it was all about, I did some asking around and it turns out it was a VERY important event that I would not pass up in a lifetime. ALL of the procedes from the talent show would go to benefit the "Fun on the Run" - a community inclusive recreation program. This exciting program offers FREE, structured, neighborhood based activities at a variety of sites throughout Calhoun County. CIR staff will provide hours of FUN for youth of all ages and abilities --this mobile unit is fully equipped with hundreds of individual and team activities including art instruction, fitness training, team building and recreational options. Activities foster new friendships, explore many cultures, build leadership skills, promote sportsmanship and places emphasis on having FUN.
The event was entirely put on by kids and turned out to be a HUGE success! I had so much fun, not only performing, but meeting so many wonderful people from local kid performers to the Adults helping run the show, to the people being directly effected by this event. It was utterly moving to see how no matter how different everyone was, we all came together to help make a difference*

IHF 8th Triennial World Campionships

In this past week, I have been spending a tremendous time in the beautiful town of Battle Creek..


IHF 8th Triennial Hapkido World Championships @ Kellogg Arena- (Aug. 5th - 8th)
A few months back Master Hee Kwan Lee, USA Chairman of IHF, invited to me perform and compete at his tournament. To be quite frank, I was completely honored to be a part of this history in the making. This was the first time ever that the World Championships were to be held outside of the birthplace of Hapkido, Korea. This was truly one of the most classy and well run tournaments I have ever been to! It all started on Thursday, the 5th for the opening ceremonies of the tournament. With a dozen countries there including Korea, USA, Gremany, Italy, Mexico, etc. the pressure was on when it was my turn to perform and do my Arnis demo! After I was done and the ceremonies came to a close, ALL of the countries and teams wanted pictures with me! It was so great! Saturday and Sunday was when the nerves began to rumble, COMPETITION TIME! I competed in Womens Black Belt in the Open hand (form: Mayon) and Weapons division (weapon: Tali-Bong) representing the Jornales System, and KWON USA. There were so many great competitors in my division! The verdict....TWO GOLDS!!!! :)
Also, Saturday night I was invited out to the street party after the tournament to..TWIRL FIRE!! So many people came out and I had an absolute ball!! I did two demos and when the crowd called for an encore, I performed to music from the live band!
Through and through I had an amazing and wonderful time at the IHF World Championships! It was and outstanding event and cannot wait for three years to pass so I xan compete with the USA Team in KOREA!!

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