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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


OMG!!!!!!!!! :) I just found out that ALL OF PARKER'S TUMORS ARE GONE BUT THE ONE IN HIS BELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ash looked at the CT today and gave us the great news! am so happy!!! Still more good news, the one in his belly was the size of a is now the size of a golf ball. The doctors also thought that it was wrapped around his organs in his stomach.. well, it is not!! It is all by itself!!! I am So happy!! thank you all for your prayers! and please keep on praying because God is working wonders! Thank God Thank God Thank God!!!! Hope to have even more good news!!!! :) :)

Fun Night!

Tonite I am staying the night with Ashley and baby Parker! He is such a great baby! He sleeps all night ( he only wakes up when the nurses have to check up on him which is at 11, 4, and, 8. I have been here in the hospital for only 3-4 hours and I am having a ball! Between Parker waking up, Ash and I have been having a lot of fun and got to know each other a lot better! I think it is really really worth it to do the benefit for Parker! I am going to do as much as possible to save this Angel Baby's life! We are having a talent show and getting baby blue t-shirts that say "I Took A Kick At Parker's Cancer" on the back. We are also selling rubber wrist bands that say the same thing. I tell you what, I LOVE THIS BABY TO DEATH!!!!! I cannot tell you how I feel. I NEED to help him! I have to go, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep praying!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Park Parties :)

Hi all!

Today I did the last Park Party of the summer :( I had so much fun and met so many great people! I really do not want it to be over. I think today was the best performance yet! I did three shows and the second one, I decided to dedicate to my friends in Next II None (the boy band that sings and dances at the park parties with me) I did it to the song "Heart Breaker" by Pat Benatar. I had so much fun! Instead of wearing the same old uniform...I wore cut off shorts and a leather jacket! :) :) It was so cool!well, dinner is done so I have to go.

I am going to the hospital to see Parker today! :) please keep him in your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I love this BABY! I finally got to see Parker again! He just had more Chemo and has lost most of his hairbut he is still the most beautiful baby ever! He really is special. We could all learn from him. We whine about how tired we are or how we don't want to work or do chores or whatever. He is facing a real monster(cancer) and he ignores it completely. he hardly ever cries. Only when he's hungry or hurting. He smiles and giggles and loves every minute and it shows! He really loves his mommy. All she has to do is touch him and he smiles. He likes me too. He touches my hair and I helped him get to the monitors so he could pull the wires and push the buttons! The nurses didn't squawk so, if it makes him happy, that's all that matters! Ash says he loves to look outside at night. He's on the 7th floor and has a good view of the city and all the lights. Today he had bone scans and cat scans and should have the results tomorrow. By friday they will decide if he can have the surgery to remove the big tumor in his tummy. Ash(his mom) says he's nutrapenic. That means his white blood cells are at 0. It happens after chemo. She said in 2-3 days that will go up. It is a scale of 0-10. 0 is the lowest level when his immune system is not working. 10 is the best. Please pray for parky and for Ash who is only about 20 and is doing this all by herself. she is with him 24 hours a day and never leaves him alone. :o) It must be so hard for them.


It's official. Training for Regionals has begun! I'm a little nervous because Master Bong is going to the Philippines for almost the whole month of August! Dad video taped practice so hopefully that will carry me until he gets back.

I've also been working with Steve and Mushtaq with club bells, Silat ground fighting, and some other fun Silat stuff! I have been having so much fun on Sundays with Mushtaq. I look forward to the next session before I ever leave the dojo.

Still trying to figure out how to get out to see Bobbe in if you're out there reading this Master Guru Bobbe, you're a continent away, but at the front of my brain. I think about you every time I kick like a girl! :0) I'm coming.

I'm Back!

Mushtaq is going to hurt me if I don't get my butt moving and write a new post. I have been so busy with practice and all the park parties and talent shows. I know, excuses-excuses! Well, truth is, I was grounded from all technology for a while and I'm finally digging my way out of that! It stinks to be cut off from the real world!

Good news! I did the national talent revue on the 16th and it was great! There were so many awesome kids there. Singers, Dancers, Violin players, and then there was me! The emcee joked about "Her dad ain't scared of her going on no date!" They also said "We'd like to thank Mariah for the sliced cheese were enjoying back-stage!" Goofy! Anyway, it was fun. They had fog and Harley motorcycles on stage and everything! I made some really good friends.

The Lowell Showboat Talent Contest went great too! It was the 3rd and final cut. They narrowed 12 down to 6 who will perform on August 24th and 25th. Guess what! I made it! Now I will actually get paid! I'm lovin' it! Come watch me at the showboat on the 25th of August, Saturday.

Friday, July 13, 2007

WOTV Holland Park Party!

Me with Maranda!
Signing autographs...

I just added this move...
I didn't know I could jump this high!

These pictures are from this week's park party in Holland Michigan. It was a fun one since it wasn't so hot out! I will write more later but now, I'm off and running again!

PS Please don't forget! The Lowell Amatuer Talent Contest Finals are Saturday outside right by the Showboat at 6:30. I go on somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00 and I'd love it if you'd come! I've made it through 2 rounds of eliminations, this is the final round and I could use your cheers and whistles and support...Prayers especially!

Also, Devos Hall National Talent Search Finals are Monday at Devos Hall at 7:30. I auditioned for this one very early in the spring and was selected from kids all over the country!

Monday, July 9, 2007

4th of July!

WOW! This is what I did on the 4th of July! It was awesome! There were over 20,000 people!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Touched by an Angel Today!

OK, so i have had a lot of things go on in the last couple days! It's been so busy! I was asked to perform on the 4th of July in Downtown Grand Rapids with Maranda and news station WOOD TV/WOTV. I went and did 2 performances. One was the techno song that I've been doing and I also put together a new one to the song, heartbreaker - by pat benetar. It went awesome! BUT WAIT! i did'nt tell that there were 20,000 people there! Can you believe of all the performers she had to choose from she picked ME! This was also a very special day for me because it was the day that I WAS TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL! It was Parker! I finally got to meet him! I knew that I could do this the moment I looked into his little eyes! If he could look cancer in the face and not be afraid, it was nothing for me to perform for a few thousand strangers. He is so precious. He is such a good baby. He doesn't even seem to know he's sick. He was with us all night and I never even heard him cry or whine! He goes in for stem cells and more chemo this week. Pray for him please!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Grand Rapids Press

It's summer -- time to rock the park
Sunday, June 17, 2007
By Lori CookThe Grand Rapids Press

The summer season kicks off with the first of six Maranda Park Parties on Thursday at John Ball Park in Grand Rapids. The event offers something for everyone -- free food, entertainment and activities for kids and families. The parties also serve as a great opportunity for neighbors to get know one another and celebrate community.
"I think events like Park Parties are important because it's a great way to get the community to come together in a nice, safe setting like John Ball Park to interact, eat together and share conversation," said Lt. John Keelean, of the Grand Rapids Police Department.
Eating together definitely is one of the highlights at Park Parties. Kids can enjoy free McDonald's Apple Dippers, fresh produce for kids from Meijer and Michigan apples, Ice Mountain water, Cheese Kurls and Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.
Another big draw are the large-scale activities such as the 32-foot climbing wall, the two-story Super Slide, the Dixie Twister and the Turbo Tubs. Companies bring out volunteers to help staff the activities.
"Fifth Third Bank is thrilled to be a part of Maranda's Park Parties again this year by staffing the Fifth Third Super Slide," said Jennifer Ranville, the bank's western Michigan spokeswoman.
"We already have all of our volunteers lined up and ready to go," Ranville said. "Our employees love participating in these incredible events to help make the day as fun and memorable as possible for the children who attend. It's a great way to support the children, their families and the communities we serve."
Dozens of local nonprofit groups also will offer fun, educational, hands-on activities such as the fire safety trailer from E.S.C.A.P.E. Inc., the Fit Pit from the YMCA, live animals and artifacts from John Ball Zoo, a wellness obstacle course from Priority Health and health information from Network 180 at the climbing wall.
Kid performers will entertain crowds during the party. Entertainment includes hip-hop group "Next II None," Ronald McDonald and Lowell's own world champion "Karate Kid," 13-year-old Mariah Moore. Mariah is part of the U.S. National Martial Arts Team. She is excited to be performing at all Park Parties this summer.
"It is such a joy to perform for other young people, not only because I am going out and expressing myself in the sport that I love, but it also shows that I reached for my dream and accomplished it," Mariah said.
"I hope to inspire other kids to find something they love, work hard and never give up until they make their dreams come true. I am just a regular kid, and I'm proof that if you're willing to work hard, you can do anything you want to do and be anything you want to be."

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