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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sulong Tournament - Tell Guru John you saw it here!

Hi Everyone!
Guru John, the director of the Sulong Tournament in Chicago recently posted this video to promote this years tournament coming in October 2008. I am honored to be included! You can see me about half way thru at 1:50. This is a very fun and exciting event to be a part of and I encourage anyone who practices any of the pacific island arts to come and check it out. We had a blast last year and John has some very special and unique prizes. Without giving it totally away, they are, for the most part hand made and could easily become your new best friend! Hint. Hint.

Here's the video


Buddha said...

Mariah embodies the best of the warrior spirit. She is very dedicated to her art and her community. She's a delight to work with and is as sweet and humble as she is skilled. Watch for her in feature films in the coming years, as I believe that it's inevitable that she will "be discovered" soon.

charles said...

I have to second Buddha's comments! I am looking forward to seeing Mariah's dreams and career soar!

Good luck to you Mariah! We're here rooting for ya!


charles said...

I have had the honor and privilige to be asked to sit on the board fo one of Mariah's belt tests. what impressed me most was not her physical skills, which are, indeed, impressive....but her passion, drive, and love of the arts. It comes thru in everything she tackles, whether its competing in stickfighting or forms, teaching self defense classes for women and young girls, fund raising for charity, or any number of other community functions she cares about.

she is passionate, dedicated, and driven...and this, I believe, will carry her to succeed in anything she chooses to pursue. I look forward to watching her grow and shine in her pursuit of excellence.

Go Mariah!!!!

- Sensei Chuck Pippin

Hawke said...

Greetings Mariah,

You have the moves and a wonderful attitude. I just saw your demo for Parker's charity over at youtube. People that show off and think they have something to prove may only last so long. A few in the world show talent and are still humble. Guro Dan Inosanto would quote coach John Wooden:

"Talent is God given. Be humble.
Fame is man given. Be thankful.
Conceit is self given. Be careful."

Your talent and attitude will open many doors.
Take care little sister.

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