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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I love this BABY! I finally got to see Parker again! He just had more Chemo and has lost most of his hairbut he is still the most beautiful baby ever! He really is special. We could all learn from him. We whine about how tired we are or how we don't want to work or do chores or whatever. He is facing a real monster(cancer) and he ignores it completely. he hardly ever cries. Only when he's hungry or hurting. He smiles and giggles and loves every minute and it shows! He really loves his mommy. All she has to do is touch him and he smiles. He likes me too. He touches my hair and I helped him get to the monitors so he could pull the wires and push the buttons! The nurses didn't squawk so, if it makes him happy, that's all that matters! Ash says he loves to look outside at night. He's on the 7th floor and has a good view of the city and all the lights. Today he had bone scans and cat scans and should have the results tomorrow. By friday they will decide if he can have the surgery to remove the big tumor in his tummy. Ash(his mom) says he's nutrapenic. That means his white blood cells are at 0. It happens after chemo. She said in 2-3 days that will go up. It is a scale of 0-10. 0 is the lowest level when his immune system is not working. 10 is the best. Please pray for parky and for Ash who is only about 20 and is doing this all by herself. she is with him 24 hours a day and never leaves him alone. :o) It must be so hard for them.

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charles said...

As someone who has gone thru Chemo and Radiation, etc...I can wholeheartedly empathize with Parker and family. It's really amazing to hear that he is in such good spirits.

My prayers, and those of my family, go out to Parker and your family.


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