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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big Changes! Contest! Win an official Eskrimadora 2008 World Championship T-Shirt!

Those who manage and direct me are currently in the process of making some big updates and changes to "My World!"

I am very pleased to say that someone very near and dear to me is hard at work creating a web page for me that will be up and running soon.

We are in the process of establishing a non-profit organization to help pay for my endeavors. I do a lot of public speaking and performances and also enjoy teaching stranger danger, assault prevention and safety awareness to kids and women. I never charge. Sometimes I get donations, but most of the time it is done for free. This costs money for travel, equipment, costumes, choreography, etc. If you or someone you know believes in me and would like to be on the board, please volunteer or nominate someone of good character. I think we will need 4 total to oversee the organization and it's funds.

Finally, we are designing an Eskrimadora 2008 World Championship T-shirt that we will make available for purchase with all profits above the cost of the shirt going to the Mariah Moore Foundation. Here's the catch. The design is going to be very cool with multiple colors and my trademark Silhouette knife pose BUT we need an equally cool catchy phrase or saying that fits me and all my fire and passion. Must be unique and original. Must be clean and appropriate for all ages. I'd also like to include "Eskrimadora". Hawke, Bobbe, Mushtaq, Jay, John, Buzz, Steven, Steve, and all.........I'm counting on you! You know me, and my heart, and my love of the art. Please.........

Think you've got it? I want your ideas! The catch phrase chosen will get a free T. I'll even throw in an 8 x 10 Emotion Art Collage Portrait commemorating the 2008 World Championships created by my official photographer, Lawrence Heibel.
Good Luck! Can't Wait to see what you come up with! Bobbe, BE NICE!


Bobbe Edmonds said...


Why on Earth would you think I wouldn't be nice??

I left a few ideas on your computer desktop, under a Word file called "Try It."

...And I was nice!

Guro Buzz said...

How about "the other girl next door, wind her up and watch her go"

Guro Buzz said...

" I'm not a Barbie girl, I'm a barbed wire girl"

Barbie Girl? Keep looking

Leather and lace? Naw, Bolos and sticks!

Steve Perry said...

I like Steve VH's link: Fights Like a Girl ...

Guro Buzz said...

the other girl next door and next entry wind her up , watch her go
2 different entries

Guro Buzz said...
take a look at this- she also was hip moving- ( I haven't sent this to Bobbe) the old perv he he

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