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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hello World!

Today I am still recovering from all the sore muscles and bruises from last weekend. I had trained for 4 days at the Gathering of the Tribes in Grand Rapids, MI. The instructors ath the Gathering were Guru Bobbe Edmonds (or as Mushtaq calls him Mega Great Grand Master Bobbe) (I bow to him), Grand Master Bobby Tabaoda, Cody Fielding, Mushtaq, and so many more important people in styles that ranged from Silat, Balintawak, grappling, and RMAX Circular Strength Training and had so much fun and learned even more!I also had Mushtaq over for dinner and he helped me set this page up so here I am.

In normal teen life, it was raining and storming all day long so I stayed inside and cleaned :( It was so boring that I almost went insane! I took up time playing with my new kitten and by creating and designing my brand new room!
A GREAT big thank-you to Mushtaq for helping me put this page up today (and also for all the wonderful hours of training :) throughout the months!!!!!!!


Bobbe Edmonds said...

Hey girl, looks good! Welcome to the Blog world. I had a great time training with you as well, and I hope you guys can make it out here soon.

Mushtaq Ali said...

Way to go Mariah, you are official now. I'm looking forward to seeing this blog grow.

Bobbe Edmonds said...

I posted an article about our experience at the Gathering on my blog.

charles said...

Hi Mariah! Congrats on the blog! I look forward to reading it more!

See ya on the mats!


Todd said...

Hi Mariah,

Todd here, one of Bobbe's students. When I showed up for class on the Wednesday after the Gathering, we hardly worked out at all. Mostly cause Bobbe wouldn't stop talking about the weekend and the fun he'd had with you.

He had very good things to say about you and we spent the better part of an hour after class watching the tape of you and him sparring. You are a very impressive lady. Bobbe doesn't gush about many people but I can't get him to shutup about you =)

You need to get out here and workout with us sometime soon. You've got a few people that really want to meet you, myself included =)

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