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Monday, June 4, 2007

Getting to know me.

I started asking to do karate when I was 6 years old. I had to wait two years because my mom and dad didn't want to drive me across town to train. Then when I was 8, R0-KEN Karate(Kyokushinkai Kan) opened nearby. I COULDN'T EVER LEARN ENOUGH! I train with Sensei Aaron Bailey 2 days a week. He’s like a big brother to me now. When we’re training it’s all business but we have fun together too.

When I was 10 I met Grand Master Wu Bin from China. He's the personal coach to Jet Li and Jackie Chan. I was at a martial arts camp in Kalamazoo. I trained with him here in the U.S. and then, WOW! He sent me a personal invitation to train with him in China at his famous Wushu training center. I went, I learned so much, I made friends like world champion in Kung Fu, Ma Chao and Wang Fang. I also walked on the Great Wall. Anyway, I came back home and continued training back here in the U.S.

I compete often on the local circuit. Using the broadsword form Master Wu Bin taught me, I entered my first weapons competition. One of my judges was Grand Master Bong Jornales. His style is Arnis Sikaran, Jornales System. He is from the Philippines and actually got all of his training in the streets of Manilla. He had to so he could survive. He liked what I did and invited me to one of his stick seminars. The rest is history! I train with GM Bong twice a week for 2 hours. Grand Master Bong is awesome. He believes in me. He gives me as much as he feels I can handle and doesn't hold me back. Some instructors teach on a class schedule and no matter how bored or uninspired you are, you wait. Not Master Bong. He teaches ME! He took me to my first regional, championship last October. I won and moved on to Nationals in February. I made the US National Team and went on to the World Championships in JULY! HOLY COW! I still can't believe it. It's almost like a dream and it feels like yesterday, but on July 3rd I got a gold medal in multiple weapons and on July 4th, I won the gold in: GUESS! YUP! Full Contact Double Stick Fighting! It didn't come easy I tell ya! WEKAF has 3, 1 minute rounds. We did 4! The last was a tie breaker. Did I tell you I broke 2 ribs in round 3? And fought the last round with them?

Recently, I began meeting with my USA Teammate Steve VanHarn to train on Sundays. He introduced me to his coach, Mushtaq Ali, who is awesome. Mushtaq and Steve have introduced me to so many KEWL (as Mushtaq would say) people! Check out my links to Bobbe Edmonds(Thick as Thieves), Mushtaq(Traceless Warrior) and I’m working on a link to Cody (CST Coach from California) too. Anyway. More about the rest of me. I love to act and perform. Last year I worked at THE HAUNT. Michigan's Biggest and Best Haunted House! I got to swing sharp and pointy weapons to SUPERBEAST by Rob Zombie! It was a blast! So not only do I love to fight, I love to scare people too! :)(oh yeah, I love it when I make grown men pee their pants!!!!!(Yes, it did happen! Just ask Jim Burns who owns The Haunt!)

Anyway, there's a nice big piece to the puzzle that is me. Moore later! I know it's cheesy. (I got that from my grandpa!)

Now, don't expect me to write this much every time! I do have to train you know! ;)

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Stephen said...

Greetings Mariah,

Just read about you from Curry Theif's (Bobbie Edmonds) Blog.

WOW you are something else. Glad you found a passion in life. Looking to see great things from you.


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