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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nagasulong Tournament, Chicago Illinois October 12th, BE THERE!

To all my FMA Friends and Family: . Most of us have a desire and passion for the Filipino Martial Arts and also promoting the arts, increasing awareness, and in fellowship. This is your personal invitation to come, compete, make friends, and LEARN.

I am very excited to tell you about a very cool upcoming event. It is the Nagasulong Pacific Island Arts Tournament in Chicago Illinois on October 12th hosted by Midway Kodenkan Dojo and Guru John Bednarski at 5159 S. Archer in Chicago, IL
Questions? Please contact Guru John Bednarski at

I have done several gathering/seminars with Guro Bednarski and have also had the honor of competing in the Pacific Island tournament now known as the Nagasulong. What a blast! I CAN'T WAIT! This event is incredible and it is a great step forward in promoting and encouraging the way of the Filipino Warrior. I have some new friends in Michigan that practice FMA and I am very excited to share this event with all my FMA Friends and competitors. I've been to so many tournaments that are the same old same old: The judges are not familiar with the style and just plain don't understand or appreciate the Filipino Style. This is not one of them. The Nagasulong event has the benefit of some very skilled and very knowledgeable and World renown Masters(like Master Buzz, Guru Mushtaq Ali, and Guru Bednarski and Multi World Champion Guru Steve Van Harn...and I am very honored to finally be able to meet and learn from Grandmaster Nene Tortal!) Nagasulong does not discriminate or restrict anyone because of age or sex either. If you can compete, YOU CAN COMPETE! And I'm proof! I'm a 14 year old Girl and Last year I took first in the Women's knife fighting event but they didn't make me stop there. I only had one competitor and I was really wanting and needing a good challenge. So I competed in the men's event and in the Men's stickfighting event! I wasn't treated special or different or gently...just EQUAL. Nagasulong is an event for everyone...including WOMEN. If you're looking for a challenge and some good, clean, tough competition with educated and qualified judging, this is your opportunity.

OH, and the best bonus ever! Don't expect another trophy for your collection....if this is anything like last year's event, those who place are in for a real treat and possibly a new best friend(for those of us who love weapons- hint hint)

I hope the Grand Champion event will also cover weaponry because I'm going to BRING IT!

From Grand Master Nene Tortal Sr:

The Meaning of "Nagasulong",

NAGASULONG is an ancient word with multiple meaning, of my Ilonggo dialect. a) I have passed down to my advanced and intermediate students describing low, explosive, overwhelming attacks like those of an infuriated serpent or cobra. A portion of my Herada(groundfighting techniques). b) To progress in an agressive manner to ensure victory. in both war and in friendly comptetition.

My best wishes to all attending and participating. NAGASULONG!

Hello Mariah,

I also look very much forward to meeting you as well. Along with Steve and Mushtaq. It will be a true pleasure after all of the positive things I have been told about you all from Guro Dalawa John and Lakan Guro Isa Jose' Duenas and Guru Mike Snow. Everyone working together so hard together as a family with such positive attitudes is what is making this event so successful and pleasant for everyone envolved. For all arts, FMA, IMA and MMA alike.

God Bless you all, Grandmaster Nene Tortal Sr.

From Last Years Nagasulong! Check it out!
You'll see World Champion Steve Van Harn, Master Buzz Smith, Me at 1:52 and lots more! Please tell Guro John you saw it here!

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