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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Great Lakes All Star Tournament SWEEP!

I just got back from the Great Lakes All Star Open tournament with great news!!!!! I first competed in traditional advanced weapons and did the Tali-Bong with the form Siow which is Grand Master Bong Jornales's Kata (Arnis Sikaran Jornales System). I had about 6 competitors and I got 1st place! Then, I had to quick change into my traditional karate GI so that I could then compete in the 12-13 adv. Traditional open hand forms where I first did Empi and Basada back to back. These are traditional Japanese Kyokushinkai Kan Kata's. BTW, my Sensei Aaron Bailey also did Empi and got 2nd in his division. They said there was a tie for first. S then, i did Myone, Master Bong's open hand form (Arnis Sikaran Jornales System) and I won by majority. So, then with two 1st place trophies, I went on to fight in the 12-13 advanced division (again against all boys :) ) and had a buy, so i only fought twice, but I won 1 st place there too! Sensei got 1st in Fighting and then went on to fight Kiss for Grand Champion.
So, I swept in my division! I love it when everything comes together! KEWL HUH?!?!?! Happy Birthday Master Bong! This ones for you!
Oh, BTW, to the guy who yelled out when I was doing the tie-breaker with Master Bong's open hand kata Mayon, "She's doing her own kata! That's a 2 point deduction! My own! You can't learn anything if you're doing your own." FYI Mayon is a Volcano in the Phillipine Islands. Mayon is meant to reflect and tell the story of the volcano. You are a coach. You have bad manners. And, for the record, if I did make up my own kata, which I have, perhaps I should get 2 extra points for creativity, enginuity, and GUTS! Shame on you for being so rude.


Bobbe Edmonds said...

People are rude when they're insecure Mariah, and incompetence is loudest in the presence of excellence. In your case, I would suggest you get used to it...Not a whole lot of ADULTS in your class, and there will be less as you get older.

On the other hand, it must be terribly humiliating to get your ass handed to you by a teenage girl. Maybe you should try to see things from their point of view...Naaah, what am I saying? It would give you a splitting headache just to think down to that level.

Keep on rockin' in the free world.

And congratulations of kicking so much butt!!!

BTW, re: "Basada" kata...Do you mean "Bassai" or "Bassai-Dai"?

João Paulo Esperança said...

Your commitment to the arts is impressive.
Since you're into stick fighting, have you ever heard of a Portuguese martial art called jogo do pau?
Check some videos in this page:

steve-vh said...

Nice to see a little spunk from you for a change. Dish it girl you're right.

Aaron fought Kiss? Now that would be interesting to see. Kiss was already using Icy hot in my day (like I'm so old).

I never did get to tell you congratulations yesterday.

David said...

That a girl Mariah! I hope you know how proud we are of you. Not only for your Martial Arts accomplishments, which are incredible, but for the wonderful person you have become! The more you gain the more you give and there is huge shortage of give in the world today.
Hopefully we will be able to attend another competition some day soon. If not a competition, at least a visit. We miss you and the Family very much. Give your mom some love for me!!
We Love you much!!

David, Amanda & Kids

P.S. If you need anything, ever, just ask. We will always be here for you.

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