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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall Gathering of the Tribes 2007

Just back from another BIG day of training! This friday was the beginning of all the fun, it was the meet-and-greet! It was a lot of fun and that is where I met all kinds of new people and got to catch-up with the "regulars" that I met in the spring. Then, yesterday (Saturday) was the beginning of the training. We started with Cody Fielding who specializes in RMAX and Russian Sambo. He helped all of us with about a 2-2.5 hour session on grappling and how to coach other people. That was really kewl! I love the idea of grappling (just a hint Mushtaq :0) )

Then we went on to train with Don Young and Chuck Pippin. They went over the kicking techniques. That was really kool because not only do I like to fight people with sticks, I LOVE to kick! (It does help to have long legs :) ) I learned a lot of new kicks that I will have to try out in the ring next week! (On the local circuit, I'm going to compete in the Great Lakes all Star Open next Saturday.) I also learned some awesome new jumping kick combo's. After lunch that day, we went on to train with Buzz Smith. That was awesome because he does some of the Japanese stuff that Sensei teaches and a lot pf the same style that Grand Master Bong does, only different. So that was good to get a different perspective on the Philippine art. I really like these gatherings. I learn so much and it is an awesome workout. Plus, I get to hang with cool people who really understand me!

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