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Friday, August 15, 2008

I worked and trained so hard for this event, in all sincerity and with complete respect, I believe I earned my medals. This makes me really sad.

Cebu Daily News / Sports

USA cruises to third straight overall title in Wekaf c’ships

Cebu Daily News
First Posted 09:42am (Mla time) 07/27/2008

A campaign that started off with a lot of promise ended in bitter disappointment.

Team Philippines failed to bring home the overall championship in the 10th World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation Championships, bowing to powerhouse United States at the tournament’s final day yesterday at the Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center.

Despite playing on its home turf, Team Philippines could not make the most out of the golden opportunity to take back the title it last held eight years ago, as it ended up with just 35 gold medals, 18 silvers and 19 bronze medals.

The USA, on the other hand, finished with a flurry, ending up with an astounding 44 golds, 35 silvers and 30 bronze medals to achieve a rare three-peat.


After starting off with 20 medals during the forms or “sayaw” competition, Team Philippines managed just 15 more gold medals in the tournament’s final two days.

Mere whispers of questionable judging at the start of the tournament turned into a deafening statement as the Supreme Grandmaster himself, Atty. Dionisio Cañete, rued the spotty officiating in this year’s tournament.

“It was the worst that I’ve seen. Kung dili lang jud ‘ta host, gubot jud siguro kaayo ni,” said Cañete in an interview yesterday.

He also regretted the fact that there were seven events that did not have any entries from the Philippines since the records of the players who were supposedly joining those said events were lost by the coach.

“Those were very strong players, medal hopefuls in fact. It was really a case of negligence and spotty officiating,” he added.

It was a fact that was not lost on expatriate Scott Slezak, who did his part by winning two gold medals for the country. “We didn’t fill enough divisions. In doing that, we were giving away precious medals.
And we need to make the judging clearer because some fights were very one-sided,” explained Slezak.

Cañete however, offered no excuses for the country as he admitted that the USA came ready to fight and defend their title.

The USA’s white-hot finish was anchored on their dominance in the sparring events, where they captured 12 gold medals in the single-stick division and then added three more in the double-stick event.

The setback did not dampen the host’s hopes of reclaiming the championship at the next World Championships, slated in Mexico City in 2010.

The United Kingdom finished in third place with 12 golds, 11 silvers and 15 bronze medals while Australia wound up in fourth with 10 golds, three silvers and eight bronze medals. Canada rounded out the top five with four golds, nine silvers and five bronze medals. Correspondent Jonas Panerio


steve-vh said...

You earned it DESPITE the screwups. It's usually not the judges fault.
I know several american fighters who didn't get the gold medal they deserved. And just who holds the responsibility for the supposed lack of consistency in judging?

David said...

This statement says it all Mariah. Don't let the rest bother you!!

"Cañete however, offered no excuses for the country as he admitted that the USA came ready to fight and defend their title."

There is no question about your wins!! The judges' comments told you that.

You did awesome!!

Love Ya,

Steve Perry said...

People who lose sometimes tend to look for excuses. The light was bad, my arm was sore, the judges were unfair. You know what you did, so pay no attention to the flak. It's just hot air.

You have the medals. Wave 'em around a little ...

Live life... God's Life said...

Don't be sad... It's all good, remember they were ready to beat me up... Even GM Diony was yelling at me. But I stuck to me convictions and won the day. You earned every single medal you got kid... And if they don't think so, there is always MEXICO...

Alogon said...

I don't really think the article disparages your wins at all.
To say the officiating was bad then must mean it was bad for everyone.
As for strong players that didn't play, that's just a "what if" proposition. Only those who compete matter, can't fight someone who didn't compete.
Unless they were flipping quarters to figure who got what medal then I figure you fought to win them.
From your website I get the idea you are more than willing to allow anyone who questions your wins to see if they can knock you from your perch.
Good for you. Your early grounding in martial arts will continue to be an asset to you as you grow as a fighter and a person.

As a fellow Martial Artist I salute you.


Alogon said...
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