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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Navadisha Seminar in Chicago

Just this past Sunday, Mushtaq, Steve V. and I set out for Chicago. Steve and Mushtaq were teaching the Navadisha seminar. This was a once in a lifetime expirence to the participants! This was the first time Mushtaq shared his style, Navidisha, with anyone other than Steve and I. So they really got a treat! :) I met many great people and learned my fair share too! We focused on stick drills going over footwork as well as more ways to hit people up side the head with the sticks! lol . There was a lot to learn from Steve and Mushtaq, they truly are amazing at what they do! The whole thing lasted for about 4 hours, and NOBODY ever got bored. It was upbeat and fun at the same time. (and of course it was fun for me to work with my sticks! lol) We trained at the Midway Kodenkan school owned and run by John Bednarskis. The school was absolutly beautiful! it was layed out perfect and was a perfect spot to train in.I hope to do it again soon! BTW, Never listen to rumors! I DIDN'T BEAT JOHN UP,(I just ruffed him up a little!). We're still friends right Master Bednarskis?


Hawke said...

What happened to the old saying "Beware of old men with sticks?"

We should just change that to beware of Mariah with sticks.


Sounds like you had a blast.

I guess Master Bednarskis is ok. According to Bobbe Edmonds you hit like a girl (I wish I can find that link on Bobbe's blog). lol.

Now should I run from Mariah or Bobbe? I'm sure to pay for that comment if I have to demo for either. hehehe.

Glad you had fun. One day you're going to be the one to instruct. Always feels nice when you have knowledgeable instructors that care and have a passion to teach.

Mike said...

Yea, you tagged John pretty good. If you check out the thread about the Navadisha seminar on you'll see that not many people are letting Mr. Bednarski forget this. Its hilarious, the things that they're saying. Check it out if you've got the time. But you gotta love John for being such a good sport. Not many people can hit him and talk about it! Lol. But I must also note that it was a pleasure to have you all come out and teach us this rare, very effective, style. Hope to see you again, maybe with a little less hostility towards John!

On another note, im in this picture! awesomeness.

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