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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

oh my!

I am so very sorry that I have not written in so long. I have been very busy with getting ready for regionals, performing and training. I have my worlds form pretty much done, but it still needs a little tweaking! I have been really training in the fighting a lot too! Just this last Sunday,I went to a Sulong tournament in Chicago. I got 1st in pacific island traditional weapons form (I did my worlds form for practice), I got 1st in women's knife fighting, 3rd in men's....yeah I did say MENS knife fighting, and i got 5th out of about 25 again MEN smack stick fighting! It was a very successful day! Instead of trophies, I won some very very cool new tools! A sword(my new best friend), a knife(my partner), and a killer pair of sticks!I am so glad that I have the coaches I have. I would not be who I am and be as accomplished as I am at martial arts if it were not for Grand Master Bong Jornales, Mushtaq Ali, and Steve VanHarn. And not to mention all the wonderful people who i have also trained with here and there! It all adds up and I really want to thank all of you for believing in me! I love you guys!

Well, Back to training!

More info coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mushtaq Ali said...

It was rather fun watching you chasing those guys around the ring and smacking them up-side the head.

Brian said...

That poor guy- she hit him so hard he lost his cup!!!!

Brian said...

That poor guy- she hit him so hard he lost his cup!

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